1. movin on

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© 2007 Matthew Checker

The rhythm is right, the rhythm is high

The rhythm is speaking to people
Alive in the world to move on

Deliver the great, deliver the wise
Deliver the peace and the
People unite in the world to move on

Making haste in the face of the waste of our
Thoroughly priceless lives
Only those who boldly go know that the
Journey is a personal fight

Why make the same mistakes when it
tears us away from our dreams
I gonna sing this song but I
Ain’t gonna aim to please

I’m movin’ on

The rhythm…..

We’re the cause of the flaws
And it bores me to me to hear my voice saying this once again
Though nothing comes on a plate it’s never to late
To open doors of opportunities on the inside

It’s all or nothing on, on the inside
It’s all or nothing on, on the inside
It’s all or nothing on, on the inside
Open your heart and you’ll find


And I ain’t gonna aim to please
No I ain’t gonna aim to please

Keep movin’ on,  rpt.

The rhythm…….

It’s all or nothing…….

The rhythm is……

It’s all or nothing……

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This was one of my few songs whic which I managed pretty much to do in a roll. Maybe because it is harmonically simple, or maybe I just fell into the simple rhythm, I don’t know. In any case I hope it encourages you.

The world is your oyster. Make what you want out of it and get connected with healthy mindsets that support one another. Be your true self.….

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