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The benefits of an empowered mindset are endless. But this requires APPLICATION with DETERMINATION and COURAGE. Don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise. I didn't get to my level of guitar-playing by waiting for it to happen. The world won't change for the better when you wait for it to happen. Neither will your life. That is a widespread illusion that can only lead to more sadness and chaos. We all have the choice to be the change or be those who wait for change. I know apathy as much as anyone else. I also know I can replace it with empowerment when I live consciously.

We all know what it is like to talk about fine ideas, but not have the guts to put these into practice, me included. It feels good to talk about e.g. the Dalai Lama's observations on creating peace and happiness. That's fine but if we don't follow up by living the principles of those we admire and aspire to every day, we are simply putting those people on a pedastel and more or less worshipping them. They don't want that. The real, sincere masters want you to rise up beyond themselves.

This is not about a misguided perfectionism, it is about learning by doing and learning from mistakes. It's not about overworking ourselves either. Some people feel overworked all the time, like they are sacrificing themselves for others. If that's you – resolve, step by step, to change that willingness to sacrifice yourself – find that respect for yourself that equals that for others. Maybe you need to let go of the urge to prove yourself! Learn to be kind to yourself. It can be done! Others might never lift a finger to help others and wonder why they lose friends. If that's you – you will have to get off your backside and start supporting your friends. Discover your compassion for others and you'll see it in yourself! This can be done! When you live consciously you start seeing why patterns of events happen and you become aware of solutions. There are many methods. Everyone can find their own individually-tailored techniques. I will present some of these here.

If you are looking for change, you need

1) to prepare your mind for that change by enabling a deeper perspective. This is called meditation. There are many different types. It can even simply mean relaxation at first, but it must become regular practice with high goals to work towards!

2) some theoretical background of wisdom (knowledge) which resonates with your wiser state. We'll call this STUDY

3) to apply the knowledge 100% in real life. Experiment. Learn from it. Make an EXPERIENCE


On this website, you have the chance to prove to yourself what's inside you and tell others about it in the Experiences Forum.

This website exists because:

  • There is an enormous potential around for positive change.
  • It would be crazy not to tap into this potential. I know many who have done and never look back. The choice is the difference between living as a slave to events or living as the creator of events.
  • I have gained a lot of personal experience on this subject over the years by selecting what I find personally to be the best elements in different philosophies and techniques and continually, actively put ideas into practice. This is my angle on the matter of personal development. I want to share what I have learnt since many friends and acquaintances have told me how much I have helped and inspired them. I wish to help many others. 
  • I want this site to involve YOU. You can also submit articles and write comments
  • I would love to hear from you if you feel inspired by anything you read here or simply have a personal story about positive transformation.
  • Most importantly, I want you to decide to make an experience with positive change. Put it into practice and prove to yourself that it works or not. Then the process of inspiration will be intensified!

While I don't have enough time right now to cover all aspects that I would like to because I work as a musician, I hope you will find some valuable content here. It's free but if you feel like donating to support me (we're talking weeks of work which is ongoing), that would be much appreciated. I will then be able to spend more time writing more articles and finding useful sources of information in the many aspects of personal development.


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