Your Studies

Here you can read articles on the THEORY behind  positive transformation from other posters, and write your own!

If you want to contribute THEORY please send me an short outline of the article first to avoid wasting your own time submitting articles that may not be in line with the principles here, and to avoid duplication.

It should be some tips or knowledge you haven't applied yet, or seen on this website, but believe to be helpful. You can also use the search function or browse through my articles first, to check!


If you want to write an article (post) on your own, tested experiences – you should do so on Your Experiences. If you just want to write a comment, feel free anywhere you choose.

The reason for this separation is to show where you have been really courageous by taking action! This is often more inspiring than theory alone because it is PROOF!

To post an article you will need to  sign-up first.

Guidelines For Posting

Posts will be moderated.

Please be aware that this website is supposed to be for supporting, inspiring and encouraging one another. If you want to comment or post, please do it for that reason. Any abusive comments or spam will be deleted!



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