Empower Yourself


How free do you feel?   Do you see yourself as victim or master of your life?   How often do you observe your behaviour and thoughts?   What makes you feel really alive?

Much of my music has a message of hope in troubled times, and deals with waking up to our inner potential to lead amazing lives. Searching for inspiration myself, and trying to inspire to others so that they feel the alive and wish to inspire others themselves is what I am about. This led to me creating this website to achieve exactly that.

In a world of turmoil and bleak outlook, another fundamental way of thinking is desperately needed to solve the major crises that we face, whether financial, social or environmental – in all areas of society. The beautiful thing is that we find ourselves given a chance to play a part in creating a better future – each and every one of us. That means discovering how to become empowered in our own lives. This is both a great challenge and an enormously satisfying path to choose, where things we could only have dreamed of become realizable! Even if you don’t believe that individuals can change the future of society, and are just looking for inspiration for your own life, then you might find something useful here. Who knows, that may lead on to bigger visions!

Life is a continual learning experience for everybody. If you become conscious of how you think and who you really are, you will open up doors to incredible freedom and empowerment.

That means more:

courage – clarity – fulfillment – wisdom – compassion – success in relationships – creativity – success in your career – good health – fun in life

I also designed this website as a source of tips, information and personal experiences covering a broad range of life-topics. The forum is here for you to report back on your own, tested experiences and read others’ contributions: an exchange of inspirational energy. An exchange where everyone can create real value for everyone.


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I very much look forward to hearing from you and wish you a great journey towards happiness, success, creativity, courage, wisdom,and compassion. Last but not least – enjoy my music!

Yours sincerely,

Matt Checker



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