1. Consumptuous

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© 2007 Matthew Checker

CONSUMPTUOUS  – definition – adj. – describes the short-lived feeling associated with trying to fill an inner void with material things

…..I jest…..;-)


Hey, all you people, they wanna send you underground
No rest for the wicked
I said, hey, all you people, they wanna send you underground
This plot is thickening – time to make the new life begin

Buy the latest tool to save your soul as none before
Mega satisfaction pill until the thrill's no more
Taking for the thrill of it, buying for the sake
Taking all the time no matter how I try
I can't fill the void inside

So I stand on my own and put my mind at ease
Time to consider what it is I really need
Stand 10 miles away
You can still see the dollars in their eyes


I'll stand on my own and ease my mind of clutter
There is a simple life with much more than bread and butter
Stand 10 miles away
You can still see the dollars in their eyes

More and more – what a pretty mess we're in

Time to make…. rpt

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More recently I've come to see the term “consumer" as inherently perverse. It reduces human beings to mere parasites. There is nothing in that speaks to me of gratitude and giving back. Yet it is the norm to describe so much of life in terms of an abstract economic growth model: our mantra of the day. Consumers are the working units of the economic machine. Humans are mechanical and no more. At least this is the pervading energy in our materialistic world.

As someone who lives within the system I am totally aware of the limitations to being different in a positive way, short of opting out entirely. Yet I am also under no illusion that the system consists of individual choices every second of the day. Let's not be suckers for advertisements that manipulate our fears.  We can make a difference, and there is a growing body of motivated people who are doing exactly that!

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