Empowerment and Meditation Courses

If you would you like to develop in life, but find it difficult to accomplish alone, why not try to support your growth by joining guided meditation or empowerment (coaching-mastermind) courses (in English or German) in a small group or one-to-one, with an informal, positive and friendly atmosphere. Please send me an email if you would like to receive course-date information or require individual teaching.
I have been practicing Buddhism, both Mahayana and Hinayana for 12+ years, been active as an organisation leader and have explored a variety of other spiritual traditions and consciousness-development methods (I don’t stick to just one tradition anymore – reasons below).
After the success of many meditation and coaching sessions I have been holding – with inspired participants often reporting feelings of well-being – I would like to also offer you the chance to deepen your personal growth, happiness, success and spiritual journey, using a mixture of techniques and general principles.

Meditation Courses

In the meditation courses we obviously focus on meditation with some theory input at the end if time allows: progressive relaxation and body-awareness meditation, silent (guided) meditation, visualization of themes such as gratitude and connection with the whole. Meditation with chants, light-body visualization.

Empowerment Courses

The empowerment courses (for 8-week example see here) consist of shorter meditations and have more focus on individual and group coaching and are very interactive and applied. They are structured but with flexibility to suit group or individual dynamics and develop organically. Individual coaching has the benefit of complete attention to individual needs, more privacy, faster achievement and may be more suitable for some people.


  • Love and Fear (ego)
  • Levels of Consciousness
  • Gratitude
  • Forgiveness
  • Free Will
  • Manifestation  (Karma) and “Law of Attraction”
  • Visualization and NLP
  • Belief Systems
  • Planning Goals
  • Nutrition
  • Courage-Building
  • Wisdom and Compassion-Building
  • Oneness and Identity and the Power of Shared Vision
  • Fighting Spirit (Determination) and Letting Go
  • 100% Responsibility for Life
  • Pitfalls of Doctrines
  • Awareness of Many Possibilities (flow or zone state)
  • Becoming a Leader
If this sounds like it might be for you, please send me an e-mail and I will inform you of available courses via the empowerment newsletter. The email sign-up box on this website is meant for CONCERTS only, NOT meditation and empowerment courses. You are welcome to both newsletters of course!
Looking forward to the further “journey” with you!
Why different spiritual methods?
Whilst I appreciate that different traditions have their own merits and are of great value in themselves and can create much value in the world, I believe that there are often blind spots within religious organisations and their beliefs which actually serve to limit spiritual and personal development. My experience tells me this. There is a tendency to feel comfortable with apparent authority and / or group mentality which can undermine bigger perspectives and create divisions or misunderstandings.
Parallel to the global growth of interest in personal development and spirituality, there is also an increasing number of people finding their own truths without committing themselves to any one particular doctrine. I think that reflects the above. However, everyone must choose the path that is right for them to learn whatever they have to learn. Paradoxically, that might mean following a religion that preaches some or even a lot of dogma.
I personally enjoy tapping into different traditions and ideas to see what I can learn from each, and also to see what doesn’t seem true to me. I would like to share my own synthesis of different methods with other people, in the hope that I can inspire them to become seekers of truth, find their own path and achieve the fastest expansion of consciousness possible!

7 thoughts on “Empowerment and Meditation Courses”

  1. Hi Matt,
    thanx for your meditation-session this Summer, it was a really interesting experience for me. Hopefully I will be able to repeat it – this time starting it in a more relaxed way than last time;-)
    take care,
    Chris ( .. who needs a shirt if meditation cools you down ? )

  2. Thanks Matt for a lovely, refreshing meditation session. I felt extremely energised but in a very calm way. I found myself at peace and more composed than before. The meditation and the whole positive vibes left me with a stillness that I would love to experience over and over again.
    I would highly recommend joining Matt for his techniques are quite unique, you can sense the clarity in your vision and feel much lighter at the end of the meditation session.
    Enjoy 🙂

    Matt is a great example of the transformative power of meditation. His mere presence radiates a positivity and calmness that is contagious. After sitting with him for a guided mediatation I felt more relaxed, focused, and centered. Needless to say I would highly recommend anyone contemplating a meditation practice to sit with Matt and learn from a real peaceful warrior.

  4. Hi Matt,
    I really enjoyed the meditation with you, let me feel relaxed and happy afterwards.
    Hopefully there will be more! 🙂

  5. Matt, it has always been great to be around you!
    For those contemplating meditating with him … go for it! Its an informal atmosphere and most conducive for some new meditation experience. Learnt some new things even after practising meditation for over a decade. Looking forward to more new experiences and thoughts! Peace yo 😛

  6. We met last week for an om-meditation and a small talk later. It was a great experience. Matt makes you feel calm and relaxed just with his presence. His voice is warm and familiar and his sense of humour is always there. I felt the possitive energy flowing in the atmosphere, and that's something what I'm grateful for. Thanksss Matt!!

  7. Matthew combines in this course wise teachings and helpfull techniques from different disciplines explained in a clear and concise way.
    I can recommend to everyone looking for spiritual advice, coaching and support. 🙂
    Thanks Mat for your inspiration and passion to increase peace and awareness among people. It was fun to start meditating with you!


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