Here are some further links which I highly recommend:

Consciousness and Spirituality

Peter Russell – a deep ecologist and philosopher

evolution of consciousness video


Klaus Volkamer

– revolutionary physicist and researcher on consciousness and subtle matter


– Bahnbrechender Physiker und Erforscher des Bewusstseins und Materie – German




Hypnosis and NLP

Hynotherapy Practitioner (Munich, Germany)


Health and Nutrition

Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner (Munich, Germany)


Environmental Awareness and Tips

Climate Change
Be the Change – movement


(unter "Termine" ständig neue Symposien in ganz Deutschland)



Transition Town
Youth-Symposium "WakeUp"
The campagne 4Years.Go  with German subtitles


Transition Town     German:


(Organisatoren von Kreis-Camps & Workshops in Bayern)
Manitonquat – Links:

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