1. Ode to Food

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© 2007 Matthew Checker

Is there anybody out there with
Sufficient time just to hear my story?
Are we all eating to live, to fill up a hole
Or die?

When the apples from Mars are cheap and
Shiny enough it’s a bed of roses
Food has always been there
Watch out for the thorns cos
No-one supposes

All in all what’s near is best
I’ll leave the radiated rest
Get out of our home
And leave the food alone

Can anyone explain to me what’s the
Smile on the screen and the thirst for poison
Does it really have to be that
Nature is overthrown?

When the pea becomes a pear and the
Pig’s on a tree it’s a bed of roses.
Food has always been near
Watch out for the thorns cos
No-one supposes

All in all….

All in all the deed’s a crime cos
Share’s of gold’s the bottom line
Get out of our home
Taste that flavour born in the ground
And I’m glad I’m not alone
Taste that flavour born in the ground
Leave the food alone

Get out of our home
Taste that flavour born in the ground
And I’m glad I’m not alone

Taste that flavour, unadulterated
Goodness born in a natural spirit

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I am a great fan of natural food, fresh and un-tainted. That means organic and local. Sometimes that choice is available, and sometimes not. The food industry and shoppers work together, hand in hand, to select produce that has to look perfect. Everything else gets thrown away! We're talking about 50%, according to a recent BBC documentary I saw.

In more recent years we have seen the insidious development of genetic engineering of crops, despite the fact in this case at least in Europe, most people are against genetically modified food products. Time and time again, the industry tries to gain control over the complete food production chain. Don't believe the hype when they say they are oh so sincere about alleviating world hunger. Bullshit! They are profiteers, not charitable organisations. World hunger will only be solved when people at all levels in society start taking 100% responsibility for sharing out resources on our planet. That means looking at how much meat and dairy is consumed for example. If everybody had a balanced vegan diet, we could eliminate world hunger rapidly! Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation and fear about veganism. More information here!

But even if people reduced the excesses sincerely, that might even do the trick. A bit of good quality cheese and meat occasionally is not the problem.

How open are we? How much do we want to alleviate world hunger?

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