courage and focus summary

Courage means acting for the good despite fear, and not fearlessness.
Courage is needed to master fear. Fear stops us from developing when it occurs unconsciously.
Focus means being present, determined and conscious.


A meditative state is required for a healthy mind. Also known as a wakeful trance (not to be confused with a passive trance, such as while watching television or that related to trauma).

Meditation gives us vast powers over our lives because we become the conscious observer of our thoughts, emotions and actions. We become able to courageously go down new paths to create more of the future we want to experience. It is important not to get too attached to outcomes and train yourself to enjoy the present as much as possible. That creates gratitude and happiness which enables you to manifest more of what you want.
We can achieve focus through meditation and creating a culture of focus instead of chaos.

Explore different types of meditation and see which one works for you. E.g. body awareness, silent meditation, walking meditation, chanting.

The determined to incorporate regular meditation in your weekly routine. There are no rules as to how much you need to do but if you are very busy in your mind and daily life, you will tend to need more!

15 to 30 min in the morning and evening would be something to work towards.


try to do regular visualisation
Visualisation is the process of manifesting your life and personality as you desire. Your subconscious is like a supercomputer that runs your life if you don’t become conscious. We use visualisation to reprogram our supercomputer and get rid of destructive belief systems and their associated habits and thoughts (reformulation).

In order to visualise well it may take some time. Be patient!

Get yourself into a good mood by reminding yourself of something that makes you happy. Gratitude is also important here. Then try to visualise being happy having reached the goal e.g. courage, focus, confidence, health, relationships, creative job, enough money etc


Goals and obstacles
It is important to create goals and write them down to remind yourself regularly of where you want to go.

Keep your list of main goals in life down to 3 if you can. These should be things which you have reflected upon and realised to be of most importance for a happy life. Your sub goals can be dealt with for temporary situations.

Take steps to reach your goals every day, no matter how small.

Make sure that your goals aren’t conflicting with your subconscious. Do you have fear of success or failure for example? If you get a negative feeling associated with the goals, make sure that the goal will not harm you or others. You can promise to your subconscious that you will only realise these goals if it is good for you. Other negative feelings might simply require exercising courage and can be seen as obstacles.

Fear can be very healthy as well as unhealthy: fear of losing your life due to a real danger is a healthy fear! Recognise positive and negative fears.
The more you can relate your goals to creating value for others and the planet, the better. It will make you feel happier. Your subconscious records all the damage you might be doing and that will catch up on you at some point if you “shut off from it” (see below, too.) It is okay to start with desires for the self and with time, if you practice regular meditation, you will expand your consciousness and naturally develop more desire for compassion and helping others.

Get used to inspiring others and supporting them including sharing your stories of success – and living in accordance with compassion for the planet. Start clearing out your destructive choices that harm others and nature. You will feel better for this. It may seem like an impossibility but take it step-by-step and learn to see so-called mistakes as learning possibilities. You will be amazed what you can do with a fighting spirit (meaning determination for a good cause). Get used to recognising obstacles and overcoming them with a fighting spirit.

Bigger Picture
Why is the world in a mess?
Unconscious fear, perceived victim role, ultimately fear of death. Hence the need to address fears consciously with courage and love and start living big lives as creators rather than small lives as victims.
searching for happiness outside of oneself. The illusion of separation.
We are all connected. Try viewing yourself as a cell in an organism of life. How would you want to behave? In a toxic or healthy way?
Manipulation is used knowingly and unknowingly at all levels in an unconscious, consumerist society. This is especially so in the media which is to a large extent run by corporate interests. Become aware of the processes of manipulation from the perspective of somebody who has decided to go down their own path. We don’t need to be afraid of manipulation, simply avoid the pitfalls. Advertising, politics and propaganda in the news are all examples where manipulation regularly occurs. It can also occur in everyday relationships. If you become a more loving, compassionate and wise person, this is the best way of rising up above such destructive processes.
addiction is simply defined here as destructive, unconscious habits. It is not just about drugs, sex or consumerism, but also cycles of thinking and emotions with which we identify with and feel comfortable about continuing.

Getting out of the comfort zone means moving away from addictions, if done in a conscious way.


psychopathic tendencies

Shutting off from compassion for others is psychopathic and occurs at all levels in society, especially at high levels of political and corporate responsibility. It is a mental illness. That doesn’t mean we have to suffer everytime others do. It is about empathy with a positive spirit. We can train compassion and rediscover it: compassion is always within us. Fake it until you make it.


cause and effect
Every thought, action and word has an effect. When you develop your consciousness you start understanding cause and effect more deeply.
Thoughts lead to emotions which lead to further thoughts, actions and reactions from other people. Learn to break through destructive cycles.



Creating a culture of courage – create happiness

use courage as a muscle: start with small challenges small fears 1st otherwise you may get overwhelmed.
Experiment 100% with some or all of the following:
cut out negative media which disempowers you.
celebrate your stronger self whilst accepting your weaker self lovingly when it gets the upper hand. Put firmly aside and progress.
never give up unless what you are doing is destructive to you or others
get to know your fears and forgive yourself and others
view so-called mistakes as a learning path. Let go of the destructive aspects of perfectionism.
learn to embrace problems as a gift of learning possibility – become creative about seeing the positive side.
focus on giving rather than a perfect delivery – visualise happiness of others
understand resistance
fake it until you make it – compassion, confidence
remind yourself of courage, remind yourself of times you are courageous and visualise being courageous and confident for a good cause
put yourself in the shoes the courageous person whom you admire and respect
get Involved in an ethical movement and organisation to help others and the planet.
change your lifestyle to get in line with your ethical principles. Take 100% responsibility for your life.
change to a healthy, ethical diet
never give up unless what you are doing is destructive to you or others
surround yourself with people who are courageous and improving themselves
get involved in a spiritual or personal development community focused on creating value, respect and happiness
go to a good, loving therapist
do something creative, train your inactive right brain!! It helps relieve fear!
express your fears, then your wishes and goals on paper, write poem, paint a picture etc.
choose your friends wisely: dependence or interdependence?
reward yourself for your actions
do least desired tasks 1st
help others when you are in a difficult situation
do something new: go home on a different route, try learning a new skill or hobby which is fun but challenging, wear clothes that you feel like wearing but are afraid to be different.
take part in a free hugs activity
inspire others to be courageous and follow their dreams

reduce and cut out unnecessary, time-consuming habits

Creating a culture of focus
Practice meditation.
Practice body awareness
practice breathing more deeply
do less switching and concentrate on one task 100%
practice listening
focus on one goal for a week or more

Perception of others exercise we did – explanation
Looking in somebody’s eyes in silence for a few minutes develops wisdom and intuition. Society is very left brain oriented and the imbalance is very unhealthy. Right brain has more to do with holistic perceptions and creativity and intuition.

Further reading and practice. Check out the links below, including the book on visualisation and possibly “stroke of insight”. I really hope this information and workshop has helped you to start enjoying the wondrous, exciting life of amazing new possibilities!

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