Empowerment-Training 8 week

Empowerment Course 1 – Outline
Mondays / Wednesdays: 8 sessions 8.30-10pm

This eight-week workshop is designed to enable you to empower yourselves more quickly and to discover qualities you have perhaps never believed are part of you, as well as tuning ongoing improvements and goal realization. It is suitable for beginners and participants of earlier courses who wish to expand their opportunities / refresh on different aspects of personal growth.

It will help you become a value creator for yourselves and environment, i.e. a win-win situation for everyone! You will be given the opportunity to shake off bad habits, get more motivated and become more courageous in many areas of your life and will see doors opening up to new possibilities as a result.

Every session will begin with approx. half an hour of meditation (you will learn different meditation techniques) and sometimes a short visualization. Afterwards we will focus upon different themes, do some exercises and allow sufficient time for discussion. The course outline below may be adapted somewhat according to group dynamics and individual requirements. I want it to be as interactive as possible and am open to your feedback as we go along.

People are encouraged to share experiences and goals but only when they are ready to do so.

Recap on value creation, consciousness and untapped potential
Visions 1.
Sharing visions, big or small
Rough plan of action for the course and beyond

Visions 2.
Goal-Setting: short, mid and long-term. Prioritizing
– Achieving focus. Being present. The goal is the path
Visualization techniques

Visions 3.
Making dreams reality
Follow-up actions
Being–> Doing–> Having

– determination + fighting spirit
– sharing experiences

Relationship Skills
– compassion and wisdom.
– co-creation.
– one spirit, different bodies
– seeking the potential in others.
– understanding character-types
Dialogue with your environment, human + nature.

Health and nutrition for life
(affects your mind and body, thus your achievements, as well as your environment)
– overview of nutrition and myths
– bio rhythm
– spirit, body + mind interactions
Review / Feedback

Letting go
– reward, humour, lightness
– creativity
– power of giving
sharing experiences

Leadership skills
– The power of inspiration
– directed conversation from the heart

Recap / progress / further goals

Please be punctual, we will start the meditation promptly!









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  1. Matthew combines in this course wise teachings and helpfull techniques from different disciplines explained in a clear and concise way.
    Thanks Mat for your inspiration and passion to increase peace and awareness among people!


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