1. Sink or Swim

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© 2007 Matthew Checker

Up against the riddle in the dead of the night
My thoughts a suffocating overdrive
Should I take it further and or take to flight
Was it the meal of indigestible lies?

Was it the neighbours radiating favours
From the wireless LAN and cordless phone?
Was it my bed or it’s something that I said, hey?

Cut in the dream of a desperate fight
Council from the Devil, then I said he can’t be right
My soul he freeze, bring me to my knees
Eyes the size of footballs and I feel like shite

Was it the neighbours raucous entertainers
Or the bread with the furry green skin?
Was it my bed or something that you said, hey?

Am I gonna sink or swim?
Can I make it to the other side?
If you’d only let me in – we could save the day
We could save the day

We could save the day

She was always one who would do it – do it right
Now we’re in the middle of a landslide
If I can’t get no sleep – by a million sheep
Might have to pay my dues and let it explode

Was it the neighbours’ sex at 3 behaviour
Or the news of the world on the brink?
Please excuse the vent – I’m feeling pretty tense

Am I gonna…..

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It is very frustrating when you have insomnia and can’t pinpoint the cause.  Although not a serious case, I suffered from disturbed sleep for a few years and tried everything possible to get it sorted. I couldn’t put it down to one solution. It got better though… 🙂

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