Hidden potential

I've got a potted climbing plant at home, which is growing from a cutting I took from a much larger plant at my girlfriend's. It has beautiful heart-shaped leaves. I made the “mistake" of not putting the cutting first into water, in order that it could grow roots. That is probably why it isn't is thriving like the parent plant, although it has survived with no visible change for 2 months now. For the first few centimetres above the soil, it looks completely dead: a black stalk and dried out brown leaves. Further along the stem it has a fresh green colour. If that part weren't visible, you would be convinced there was no life in it at all.

This reminded me of my own experiences at times when I thought I my whole being was infiltrated by negativity, like it was written in stone, at least for a while until it dissipated of its own accord. But I then proved to myself I was able to rise above my shadow and accomplish some amazing things with pure resolve. At first glance on the inside, it seemed like death of any hope, but through sheer determination I discovered the reality was that hope is there all the time if it is searched for.

I'm going to see if my plant actually improves. I know it is fighting. If not, I will do a proper cutting of the healthy part and help it on its way to creating strong roots. If we support one another in our efforts to find hope, the world will bloom.

My mistake was actually a blessing in disguise.

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