Animal Husbandry: Reality Check

Kleine Schlachthöfe: 44 % Fehlbetäubungen


9%+  Fehlbeteubung in Deutschland


Conditions for workers in slaughterhouses

Smithfield Hit With Lawsuit for Failing to Protect Pork Factory Workers From COVID-19

“Largest outbreak in Canada”  (….”In the U.S., rates of coronavirus infection are 75 per cent higher in rural counties housing large beef, pork and poultry-processing plants”)


Outbreak in German slaughterhouse:300 cases (in German)

Rund 300 Mitarbeiter positiv Heftiger Corona-Ausbruch in Schlachthof

“American slaughterhouse workers are three times more likely to suffer serious injury than the average American worker.”

“Working at slaughterhouses often leads to a high amount of psychological trauma”

“in the UK 78 slaughter workers lost fingers, parts of fingers or limbs, more than 800 workers had serious injuries, and at least 4,500 had to take more than three days off after accidents.[29] In a 2018 study in the Italian Journal of Food Safety, slaughterhouse workers are instructed to wear ear protectors to protect their hearing from the constant screams of animals being killed.[30] A 2004 study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that “excess risks were observed for mortality from all causes, all cancers, and lung cancer” in workers employed in the New Zealand meat processing industry.[31]

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